Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gaining Momentum - I hope so!

Each time I post I plan to do so more often, then life takes over and the momentum is just not there. I, like many, post or should I say "pin" on a fairly regular basis. (so nice to hoard inspirational images and not bog down my hard drive :)... Here's a link: My Pinterest

Anyway, lots to photograph and share at a later date. Had many great finds of late and have done several new paintings that have not made their way into my My Portfolio as yet. I've ordered a new camera so soon I will catch up, if only for myself. I feel terribly unorganized and for me, that is not the norm.

Here is a spattering of great images simply posted to inspire in what ever way it happens to.

I so love this image. I WANT that sweater coat! I know, how is it possible to have sweaters on my mind? well, easy for me as Fall is my fave season and I am already ready for my Fall wardrobe. Not really, let's just say I'm getting "ready". 
Summer is still in full force though the temps have dropped and I suppose that is what sparked the pinning of sweaters and leather boots, etc on my pinterest. With all that said, I want to drink up as much sun as I possibly can!

image source weheartit

via tumblr

Please do, August!

until next time...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Black at its Best

I have to admit with interiors I have shied away from major black pieces in the past, but for awhile now, I've noticed I am completely drawn to black elements being scattered throughout a room whether to anchor it and/or give it some classical substance. Here are a few perfect examples of what using black can create and its anchoring properties. I also love pops of chestnut here and there along with my other natural go-to neutral colors.
image found via Pink Wallpaper
(just a beautiful photo)

Love the artwork
awesome elements in this kitchen
Heather Jenkinson UK based designer
Heather Jenkinson UK based designer - I love her aesthetic
 commune stair-kilim-runner

keith johnson _anthology moroccan rug

 via apartment therapy 

all photos uncredited were found via pinterest
and tumblr

until next time...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love these shots!

Photo shoot for W Magazine of Jon Hamm and Rebecca Hall
August 2010

Rebecca Hall and Jon Hamm, stars of the gritty new (umm, not so new I just never heard of this film back in 2010)....Ben Affleck–directed The Town, discuss the film—as well as love, money and one sensational sex tape.

Definitely a film I'd like to see but what I love are the photographs from this W article to promote the film. I love the lighting, the composition, colors, the styling and well, all of it. I first saw Rebecca Hall in 'Vicki Cristina Barcelona' a film by Woody Allen. Rebecca is such a natural beauty. My guess is due to her height (5' 10") growing up, she was likely overlooked and had to grow into her beauty. Of course, I'm speculating in part, due to my personal experience as a tall girl at 5' 10 3/4".
Jon Hamm, well, he is clearly a great looking guy even though his character on 'Mad Men' gives me chills because he can be so cold and arrogant. But those who watch know Donald Draper is also a tad vulnerable. He can't fool us. Jon's got range though and has played quite funny parts of late. 

Must track down this dvd...
Until next time.....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lusting after...a chair?

I'm in love with this chair. Mid-Century is not usually a fave but this chair - I want! I love the cognac color and its overall shape. I am very into painting all my walls off-white so my art and accessories pop. This is a bit of a trend but not for me. I love the fresh, clean look and I love to throw in black here and there as it seems to magically ground a space. Texture is also great with the use of sisal rugs, willow baskets, leather, and one of my all-time favorite's, velvet. I think the above chair is velvet but a little hard to tell. Could even be leather.
Look how the natural light plays throughout this space? So bright and beautiful. Simplicity!

Until next time...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Teal and Patina dreams...

teal and patina dreams...

1. flickr
2. flickr
3. flickr
4. "Mystery" oil on canvas by me
5. Album cover - Joni Mitchell
6. Painting by Daniel Gerhartz
7. skin from google

until next time...

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Where for art thou muse?

This image has always been a favorite by has been a rainy, somewhat miserable weather day yet I accomplished much. I have been uploading many paintings to my portfolio.
There are many on my hard drive that I shamefully cannot locate...ugh, but it'll get done.
I truly wish this end of things didn't take so long...I prefer to be painting. Trying to get back in the swing of blogging and yet, I can't seem to find my voice. Hoping my muse returns with a vengence!

until next time...

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturn In Opposition

On Friday, October 5, Saturn will enter Scorpio and will not visit Libra again for twenty nine years! 

Could this be true? Oh, Amen for that! I am a Libra and I have felt the strain of Saturn for a long, long, long time. He does his job well I have to say, but I am so relieved by the fact that HE is leaving my sign to pester some other sign -sorry Scorpio...I am on the cusp so I hope that doesn't mean you will still nag me and keep me in a perpetual state of "Saturn in Opposition"?

Fear not, it's all good in the end because if you follow astrology in any way, you know that Saturn cleans up the debris and makes you shiny and new and at your very best. You learn numerous lessons and discard whatever does not work in your life.  It's like cleaning house within and without and we all need that on a fairly regular basis :) Speaking of "Saturn in Opposition" ? it's also the title of a wonderful foreign film (see trailer above, beautiful actually...but I digress.

so...Thank you Saturn!!
Until next time...

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