Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gaining Momentum - I hope so!

Each time I post I plan to do so more often, then life takes over and the momentum is just not there. I, like many, post or should I say "pin" on a fairly regular basis. (so nice to hoard inspirational images and not bog down my hard drive :)... Here's a link: My Pinterest

Anyway, lots to photograph and share at a later date. Had many great finds of late and have done several new paintings that have not made their way into my My Portfolio as yet. I've ordered a new camera so soon I will catch up, if only for myself. I feel terribly unorganized and for me, that is not the norm.

Here is a spattering of great images simply posted to inspire in what ever way it happens to.

I so love this image. I WANT that sweater coat! I know, how is it possible to have sweaters on my mind? well, easy for me as Fall is my fave season and I am already ready for my Fall wardrobe. Not really, let's just say I'm getting "ready". 
Summer is still in full force though the temps have dropped and I suppose that is what sparked the pinning of sweaters and leather boots, etc on my pinterest. With all that said, I want to drink up as much sun as I possibly can!

image source weheartit

via tumblr

Please do, August!

until next time...