What's it all about?

This is where I decided to corral my art, links to my previous incarnations (a.k.a. old blogs) and my all around view on life. I love design, art, architecture, photography, film and a million other things I will highlight here...depending on my mood. Images, thoughts and art that reflect my interests at any given moment.
 "Observer of beautiful forms"...
I see life as a multi-dimensional wonder. I look for the inherent value in beautiful views, art, objects, people...everything. Art and beauty are subjective, but in all, they create in many: a sense
of meaning, a sense of joy and pleasure. At times it invokes the opposite, but to make you FEEL is, I believe, the very reason for the existence of art and beauty. 
It is my hope that you will find beauty within these pages...art, eye candy in the form of design, things with soul....so go for it!
You know you want to!

previous incarnations...

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