Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love these shots!

Photo shoot for W Magazine of Jon Hamm and Rebecca Hall
August 2010

Rebecca Hall and Jon Hamm, stars of the gritty new (umm, not so new I just never heard of this film back in 2010)....Ben Affleck–directed The Town, discuss the film—as well as love, money and one sensational sex tape.

Definitely a film I'd like to see but what I love are the photographs from this W article to promote the film. I love the lighting, the composition, colors, the styling and well, all of it. I first saw Rebecca Hall in 'Vicki Cristina Barcelona' a film by Woody Allen. Rebecca is such a natural beauty. My guess is due to her height (5' 10") growing up, she was likely overlooked and had to grow into her beauty. Of course, I'm speculating in part, due to my personal experience as a tall girl at 5' 10 3/4".
Jon Hamm, well, he is clearly a great looking guy even though his character on 'Mad Men' gives me chills because he can be so cold and arrogant. But those who watch know Donald Draper is also a tad vulnerable. He can't fool us. Jon's got range though and has played quite funny parts of late. 

Must track down this dvd...
Until next time.....

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