Friday, May 17, 2013

Black at its Best

I have to admit with interiors I have shied away from major black pieces in the past, but for awhile now, I've noticed I am completely drawn to black elements being scattered throughout a room whether to anchor it and/or give it some classical substance. Here are a few perfect examples of what using black can create and its anchoring properties. I also love pops of chestnut here and there along with my other natural go-to neutral colors.
image found via Pink Wallpaper
(just a beautiful photo)

Love the artwork
awesome elements in this kitchen
Heather Jenkinson UK based designer
Heather Jenkinson UK based designer - I love her aesthetic
 commune stair-kilim-runner

keith johnson _anthology moroccan rug

 via apartment therapy 

all photos uncredited were found via pinterest
and tumblr

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